Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jesus LOVES Us !!! Hallelujah

Charlotte and Ginger~~~ Thank You so much for hosting this special Sunday event for us to share with each other Christ's Abiding Love,, and His Awesome Presence..

Perhaps for each of you it feels the same when you hear this sweet tune, as it is for me.. I think of it and hum or sing it out loud often during my week..
Then I can feel like His little girl even in the more difficult situations..

Whenever I may feel anxious, the words of this comforting tune come to mind and, feel rather soothing when you allow the Presence of Christ to engulf your heart, mind and soul..

There are these words too in the photo above that are also quite soothing...
My heartfelt THANKS to each of you for your many prayers and notes.....
You are very special to my heart and my days...
Blessings and Love from Our Precious Lord above~~~Hugs Dena


  1. Thank you for sharing the videos. JESUS loves me!


  2. this is so simple....yet so profound and powerful. ☺

  3. I have been singing and humming this song into the little ears of my grandson since he was born. I believe the Holy Spirit is speaking to his infant heart even now. To know that Jesus love even me is one of the most humbling yet comforting things ever. Great post, thanks and God bless, Dr. Bobbi

  4. What a lovely post. That first photo is what Christ means to me. Love, protection and forgiveness.

  5. Such a precious post. Yes, Jesus loves even me... a sinner.

  6. A favorite little song for me and so very true. Jesus does love us.

  7. This is a beautiful children's song that we really never outgrow. Thank you for sharing it today.

  8. A warm THANKS to each of you for adding to my day by being YOU!!!
    Praise God

    Blessing's and Love from our Precious LORD above~~~Hugs Dena