Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hey Sisters in Christ,,,thanks soooo much for your time leaving me notes.. We all need to be here for each other, cause ya just never know when 1 of us is having a down day and we need help from others, encouragements, to GET BACK TO Jesus and away from the enemies LIES.. Those that say, in a creepy voice, or not so creepy voice for that matter,"HEY You, you are so NOT important. No one cares what UR going thru.." You know what I'm saying right.
Well, we just need to be here for each other and PRAISE GOD.. YES,, Praising HIM can soooo work on our hearts and sadness. BUT, most importantly, we PRAISE HIM just because HE is that Indescribably AWESOME... hope I spelled that correctly..
Have a BLESSED in CHRIST kind of week~~~
Praying HIS Presence on each of you~~~Hugs Dena
Because its the BEST Blessing to have~~~His Presence!!! Amen


  1. Yes, I am thankful for friends who "bear one another's burdens" when we cannot bear them alone!
    I am praying for the storm victims and those who responded to help.

  2. Good morning and Happy Mother's Day. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following me. Beautiful blog here - looking forward to a return visit. Take care and be blessed :)

  3. A most touching and inspiring post.

  4. Just found you today have a new follower....Love blogs that glorify God...and your's sure does that!

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